Francesca Nardocci

Originally trained as a supply chain consultant and operations leader at a world leading software, network and cybersecurity company,  Fran has specialised over the years in translating company strategies into a ‘measurable outcome-driven context’ and supports teams through this ‘shift’ of delivering on it.

She coaches senior leaders to translate their long- and short-term strategies into  Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and galvanises the teams through the adoption of an “OKR cadence’.

Fran’s approach is human-centred and rooted in the believe that “sturdy leadership and behavioural adoptions are at the root of sustainable transformation, teamwork and “work-joy”.

Francesca is a certified Co-Active coach (CPCC), Mental fitness coach (CPQC), OKR Executive Coach and Working Genius expert.

“Teamwork is not a virtue.

It is a choice—and a strategic one.” (P.Lencioni)

Francesca Nardocci
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