There is no Standard Approach

There is no standard approach

We use the term ‘New Economy‘ to coin a thriving society that is based on renewable energy and regenerative use of resources, enabled by technical innovation. To achieve this, some fundamental societal changes will be required. We work with our customers to imagine, create and scale their New Economy success.

We don’t really mind how you call us: sparringpartner, business partner, consultant,  researcher, scaleup expert, trainer, innovator or personal coach, as long as we move your business forward.

The ScaleUp

Fran and Anieke started in 2022 with the aim to scale businesses with solutions for positive impact.  Since then we are finding our way into the New Economy. We work with various partners to unlock  growth strategies in complex settings. Our recipe? A combination of a non-conventional approach to strategy and hands-on support on team, projects and OKRs.

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What got you here will not get you into the New Economy

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Carla van Heck – Project Manager, Startup Coach

Bringing life sciences and agrifood tech to market

Valeria Mecozzi – Story Engineer

Engineering unique stories with visual mastery

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