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We believeManifesto

We believe that the Impact of innovative businesses is created in three steps: 
1.  Start-Up: Is the phase where teams invent and develop the technology, product and/or service
2.  Get Ready to Scale: Is the phase where teams build the business engine around that innovation
3.  Scale-Up: Is the phase where the teams build on their business engine and scale the company towards sustainable growth
Building a truly innovative business is not a sprint, it is a marathon!

Build your Business EngineManifesto

Venture teams that develop solutions toward renewable energy, sustainable food systems or green chemistry often take years or even decades,  until they are ready to scale.
Popular start-up and scale-up thinking, unfortunately, underestimates the complexity of that middle phase, which we call "grow your business engine".

"Premature scaling can be detrimental to a venture"

Venture teams start overconfident in this phase but lose patience, customers and funding on their way to scale.  They often have to end their journey prematurely.
Once milestones are missed, or investors lose patience and confidence, new fundraising often takes the attention from the business priorities and progress comes to a halt.
For capital-intense innovations the phase of "creating a business engine" proves complicated.  Many demanding and high-risk projects run parallel and progress is often difficult to ‘sense’.
Venture teams with revolutionary innovations deserve patience, support and the necessary funds to fail, learn and grow towards their success and solutions the world needs.
We want to professionalise and structure the ‘scaling’ process for deep-tech ventures, by combining practices from ‘entrepreneurship’ and innovation management.
A methodological approach is necessary to help the teams to generate the right conversations with their investors and to identify the real ‘bottlenecks’ and get help along the way.


  • Are you trying to get your head around planning, targets, team composition and milestones for your next funding round?
  • Do you have a technology developed beyond TRL 6 but find it difficult to get market traction?
  • Did you just close your first investment round and feel that you are behind your milestones before you even started?
  • Do you want to create more ‘focus’ around the right priorities while maintaining an overview of your overall progress?
  • Do you already feel lost before you even begin?


No-NonsenseNo Frills

We have a practical,  no-nonsense “outsiders-inside” approach and bring a robust sense of humour and real-life experience to our work with clients.  That means that we combine best practices from innovation,  strategy, growth,  change management, operations, and leadership development and transform these into bespoke, real hands-on support.  Additionally, we bring a valuable network of brilliant “accidental hero experts” to your “game” if and when needed. 
Together we are all equipped to transform your company’s dreams &  aspirations into measurable and tangible outcomes.



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